Star Wars Reveals Deadly Plot Against Darth Vader Over Pivotal Revenge of the Sith Deaths

Star Wars has revealed an epic revenge plot against Darth Vader, over some of the pivotal deaths that occurred because of Anakin Skywalker's fall to the dark side of the Force, during Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The forces that have been conspiring against Vader finally take the Sith Lord head-on in the pages of Marvel's Darth Vader comic book series – and the plan quickly goes sideways!

WARNING: Darth Vader Comic SPOILERS Follow! 

In Darth Vader #31 "The Tambor Gambit" by writer Grek Pak and artist Ibraim Roberson, Vader has managed to form a truce alliance with one half of the forces hunting him: the former handmaidens of his lost love, Padme Amidala, who have sought revenge against Vader (and Anakin). Vader and the handmaidens come to the planet Brentaal IV, and straight into the trap of Jul Tambor. 

What Is Jul Tambor's History With Darth Vader? 

(Photo: Marvel Comics / Star Wars)

Jul Tambor is the grandson of Wat Tambor and son of Wat Tambor II – two Skakoans that served as leaders of the Techno Union during the Clone Wars. One of Anakin Skywalker's final acts to become Darth Vader was slaughtering the leaders of Count Dooku's Confederacy on Mustafar – including Wat Tambor. Later, "Vader" would travel to Tambor's homeworld of Skako Minor, in order to wipe out the remaining Confederate loyalists – including Wat Tambor II, son of Wat Tambor. The Empire thought all assets from the Techo Union were theirs and that history was over... until Jul Tambor came along. 

With his family legacy gone, Jul Tambor resorted to piracy during the Empire's reign. He got the Emperor's attention by reclaiming Skako Minor through a blockade campaign. Palpatine wanted Jul Tambor assassinated by Vader, who delegated the job to Padme's most spirited handmaiden to do the job. Instead, Jul Tambor captured Sabe as a hostage and set a trap for Vader. 

Operation: Vader Revenge

It should surprise absolutely no one that Darth Vader #31 ends with Darth Vader not nearly as dead as everyone hoped he would be. That said, Jul Tambor comes about as close as anyone has, while Vader's plan to seduce the handmaidens to the dark side doesn't quite work, either. 

Vader uses the handmaidens as cannon fodder for Jul Tambor's droid forces, while also forcing the handmaidens to show their darker, more ruthless sides, in order to survive. However, Jul knows Vader's ruthless nature and doesn't fall for the misdirect: he's waiting on his ship with Sabe, as Vader comes in for an ambush. However, Jul Tambor does confirm that his droids' data was right: Tambor surprises Vader with a series of electric grenades that short out Vader's cybernetic systems. 

(Photo: Marvel Comics / Star Wars)

The battle ends in a stalemate: Vader is left helpless and must be saved by the handmaidens. Jul Tambor escapes, confident he will be able to strike at Vader again; meanwhile, the cliffhanger leaves Padame's handmaidens having the precipice of the dark decision to pledge themselves to Vader (starting with Sabe), or die. 

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