Disneyland Guests Unlock Secret "Chewbacca Mode" on Millenium Falcon Ride, and You Can Too

Star Wars fans can take flight in the Millennium Falcon by participating in the Smuggler's Run [...]

Star Wars fans can take flight in the Millennium Falcon by participating in the Smuggler's Run "film ride" at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The attraction puts fans in the middle of a team-up mission between Chewbacca, Han Solo's partner from the Star Wars films, and Hondo Ohnaka, a criminal who's appeared as an occasional frenemy to the heroes of the animated Star Wars series. But some fans have discovered a kind of hack that will let you turn Hondo off during the ride and get the full Han Solo experience of having Chewbacca Wookie yell at you throughout the entire mission.

The hack has to be done like an old video game cheat code. You need to make certain inputs by a certain time in order to bring "Chewie mode" online. Here is a video and written instruction from the FreshBaked YouTube Channel, which specializes in Disneyland tips and tricks:

"First and foremost, do not ACTIVATE your position right away like you normally do. Left and right pilots need to push their controls to the extreme left/right or extreme up/down. Once you've done that, hit your activation button.

Engineers and Gunners need to hit one of the white buttons on their console before hitting the orange activation button. Kind of like using the shift key on a keyboard.

Finally, be sure you've done this BEFORE the cast members finishes checking your seatbelts (pull the yellow thingy) and he hits his ok to go button.

And that's it. Do it right and chewy will be yelling at you for 5 minutes. Miss a step and you get Hondo and his canisters."

If you're not familiar with Smuggler's Run, here's how the Disney website summarizes it: "Ride in the famous cockpit of the Millennium Falcon on a daring flight—and whether you're a pilot, engineer or gunner, every role is crucial.

The engines rumble as the Millennium Falcon blasts off, pushing you and your crew back into your seats when you jump into hyperspace towards adventure. Along the way you'll face danger at every turn. Will your mission succeed or fail? It's up to you—find out if you have what it takes to outmaneuver the odds aboard the Millennium Falcon. Get ready to punch it! Never flown a starship before? Hondo Ohnaka is looking for discreet flight crews to deliver a backlog of hard-to-find items to particular clientele—no experience necessary!"