Star Wars: Kevin Feige Reportedly Has "No Ambition" to Lead Lucasfilm

Thanks to the tremendous success that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has earned with his work on bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life, some fans think that him producing a new Star Wars film is merely the beginning of a larger role for the filmmaker at Lucasfilm, though a new report from Variety claims that sources close to Feige confirm he has "no ambition" to take over Lucasfilm. Given that there has been no indication of Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy stepping down anytime soon, there's no real reason to think this would be Feige's plan, but the nature of fandom means countless theories emerge of what they think or even want to happen, even if they have no bearing on reality.

Variety reports, "After it was announced in 2019 that Feige would produce a Star Wars movie, there were rumors that he might assume more control of Lucasfilm. However, insiders say that Feige is fully committed with his Marvel duties and has no ambition to lead Lucasfilm or take more of a role."

Not only is Feige seemingly uninterested in helming the studio, he previously confirmed himself that he has no interest in getting involved in any Star Wars project outside of whatever he is currently planning.

"No. That's all Kathy Kennedy," Feige confirmed to Entertainment Weekly when asked about getting involved in Lucasfilm's live-action series. "I'm involved in as much as I stay up until midnight L.A. time to watch new episodes of The Mandalorian when they drop."

Throughout her career, Kennedy has produced dozens of beloved films, from Gremlins to Raiders of the Lost Ark to E.T. to Jurassic Park, with Disney ultimately naming her the president of Lucasfilm in 2012 when they purchased the studio. In the years of her serving as head of the studio, she oversaw the development of the Star Wars franchise, including the sequel trilogy, spinoff films, and The Mandalorian. However, whenever fans don't enjoy the output of Star Wars, she is often targeted as the reason fans didn't enjoy such experiences.

Confirming that Disney isn't planning on ousting Kennedy, Disney CEO Bob Chapek voiced his support of the filmmaker this past March.

“We’ve been absolutely thrilled that we can have the kind of talent like Kathy Kennedy to direct Lucasfilm," Chapek shared in an investor's call. "We look forward to having Kathleen Kennedy running the Lucasfilm organization for many years to come.”


Stay tuned for details on Kevin Feige's Star Wars plans.

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