Star Wars Reveals How Luke Skywalker Continued His Training After Dagobah

In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker abandoned his Jedi training with Yoda on Dagobah in hopes of rescuing Han Solo and Leia on Cloud City, but when we saw him again in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, his powers had increased dramatically. This point in time for the galaxy far, far away has been left relatively unexplored in the official franchise, but the current slate of Star Wars comics is exploring this exact point in the series' timeline, which includes shedding some light on how Luke managed to continue his training, thanks to Star Wars #19.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Star Wars #19

With the threats of the recent "War of the Bounty Hunters" event seemingly resolved, Star Wars sees Luke coming to the realization that he wasn't prepared to confront Darth Vader, inspiring him to seek out former Jedi locations in hopes of finding anything that could help him with his training. At the Ruins of Am'balaar, Luke learns that the Empire is searching underground chambers for Jedi relics, which results in him finding a holocron. When Luke uses his Force abilities to open the device, he earns an unlikely reunion with the image of Yoda.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

With this reveal unfolding in the final panels of the issue, it leaves the reader to wonder just how intensive the training will be, but it surely plants the seeds that, with access to Yoda's wisdom wherever he went, Luke was able to continue his training even if he didn't head back to Dagobah. Similarly, it leaves us to wonder whether he'll be able to "complete" his training through the use of the holocron, but given that he considers himself a Jedi Master in Return of the Jedi, he clearly makes substantial progress in the time between the two films, with this reveal in Star Wars #19 revealing that Luke might have been a better student than we initially believed him to be.

The next issue in the series is described, "Dangerous lessons! Luke Skywalker has found a key piece of instruction in his journey along the Jedi path -- the voice of his teacher, Jedi Master Yoda. But the lesson Luke must learn will not be taught by Yoda, and it will take -- and give -- more than the young Skywalker could ever have imagined."

Star Wars #19 is out now. Star Wars #20 hits shelves on January 12, 2022.

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