Mark Hamill Shares Hilarious Tosche Station Star Wars Callback

After more than 40 years, Luke Skywalker finally accomplished something he had intended to do in [...]

After more than 40 years, Luke Skywalker finally accomplished something he had intended to do in 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope, with Mark Hamill sharing a meme of himself with power converters in front of "Tosche Station." Fans of the film will remember that, shortly after Luke's uncle Owen purchased C-3PO and R2-D2, Owen asked Luke to clean the droids, only for Luke to bemoan that he had wanted to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters, with the edited image seeing an older Hamill in front of said station with power converters in his hand.

"I can finally cross this off my 'to-do' list," Hamill captioned the meme on Twitter, while adding the hashtag, #BetterLateThanNever.

The line in the original film has become quite popular among fans, as it reminds us of how mundane Luke's life was prior to meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi and pursuing the path of a Jedi. Additionally, the specific inflection Hamill delivered the line with epitomized his frustrations with his lot in life.

Earlier this year, Hamill detailed the ways in which he intentionally exaggerated his character's whine in the delivery of the line.

"You know, I get mocked a lot for, 'But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters,'" Hamill shared with "But I did that intentionally to be able to grow and make him as much of a clueless teenager as possible, because by the end of the film he has found his purpose in life and he's so profoundly changed."

He went on to note that this was "one of the reasons I tried to emphasize [Luke's] immaturity" to create a starker contrast between who audiences saw in that first film and who they saw in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

While it never made its way into the theatrical cut of the film, there was a scene filmed for A New Hope in which we see Luke hanging out at Tosche Station with his friend Biggs Darklighter, in hopes of adding more gravitas to when Luke sees his death in Red 3 during the final battle. The Special Edition of A New Hope added a brief scene featuring Darklighter into the film as Luke is preparing to get into his X-wing ahead of the Battle of Yavin.

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