Star Wars Nite at Disneyland Postponed Following Celebration Cancellation

Star Wars fans were given a double dose of disappointment today when ReedPOP announced that this [...]

star wars nite disneyland delayed
(Photo: Disney)

Star Wars fans were given a double dose of disappointment today when ReedPOP announced that this year's Star Wars Celebration, which was scheduled for August, would be cancelled, a decision that also resulted in Disneyland revealing that it was postponing their Star Wars Nite festivities that were set to run in conjunction with the event. The only silver lining to these reveals is that, while Celebration won't be held until 2022, the Disney Parks Blog confirmed that Star Wars Nite wasn't cancelled entirely, but that it was merely being postponed, with it being possible that it could be held later this year or even next year, with the wait likely not lasting until 2022.

"In light of the recent cancelation of Star Wars Celebration, we are making the decision to postpone Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite event to a later date," the blog confirmed. "Please visit for details."

Understandably, Disney had hoped to optimize the event by holding it the same weekend as Celebration, but the cancellation of the event is only one setback that the amusement park has suffered, as the coronavirus pandemic saw parks around the world shut down entirely, with Disneyland yet to officially resume operations.

Disney shut down back in March and revealed earlier this month that it hopes to get the park up and running on July 17th. Of course, the park won't be operating at full capacity, as it wants to ensure its guests can maintain proper social distancing measures, and a statement from the park confirmed it will embrace "enhanced health and safety measures."

Despite the understandable frustrations with the Star Wars Nite delay, things could ultimately work out for the better. At the time the event was announced, it was revealed that the major attraction at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Rise of the Resistance, would be unavailable during Star Wars Nite, which many fans were disappointed to discover. Between the lack of Star Wars Celebration cutting down on the attendance of Star Wars Nite and the amount of time that will have passed, allowing more guests to check out the attraction, it could help alleviate the stress of overcrowding of the area and allow at guests at Star Wars Nite to embrace the exciting attraction.

Conversely, it's possible that Disneyland will reopen and find that their safety protocols aren't as effective as they had hoped and that more highly anticipated events will have to be postponed.

Stay tuned for details on Star Wars Nite and Star Wars Celebration.

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