Star Wars: Obi-Wan Disney+ Series May Bring Back Another Important Character

Star Wars fans will soon revisit Obi-Wan Kenobi in a new television series coming to Disney+. The series will reveal what the Jedi master got up to while he was living as the hermit Old Ben Kenobi on Tatooine. Ewan McGregor, who played Obi-Wan in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, returns to star in the new series. It sounds like another important character from that era in Star Wars history may be back as well. Joel Edgerton played Owen Lars, better known to some Star Wars fans as Uncle Owen, in the prequel trilogy. At least one reporter who spoke to Edgerton believes the actor will be back in the new Obi-Wan series.

"Caught up with Joel Edgerton today (check out THE KING! I really enjoyed)," Josh Horowtiz tweeted on Tuesday. "I have almost no doubt based on his coy evasiveness that he will be in the Obi Wan Disney+ series. I've seen many an actor playfully evade. I'm placing a big bet that Owen will be back."

When Obi-Want came to Tatooine after the fall of the Galactic Republic, he left Anakin Skywalker's son, Luke, in the care of Owen and his wife, Beru. Though not related by blood (Owen's father, Cliegg, married Anakin's father, Shmi), Owen and Beru raised Luke and came to depend on his help to run their moisture farm. The couple later paid a price for their connection to Obi-Wan. The Galactic Civil War found its way to Tatooine and Imperial Stormtroopers found their way to that moisture farm. Owen and Beru didn't survive the encounter.

If Edgerton does return in the Disney+ series, it means that the series will explore the relationship between Owen and Obi-Wan. Could this also mean exploring what Luke was like a child, before following Obi-Wan off of Tatooine and into one of "damn-fool, idealistic crusades."

Obi-Wan's years on Tatooine have been touched on briefly in other parts of Star Wars canon. Marvel's Star Wars comic book series revealed instances of Obi-Wan observing Luke and protecting the Lars family, most often without their knowledge. An episode of Star Wars Rebels revealed Obi-Wan's final confrontation with the former Sith apprentice Darth Maul.


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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters on December 20th. Other upcoming Star Wars projects include a new film trilogy from Game of Thrones creators DB Weiss and David Benioff, the new trilogy by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnsson, a film by Kevin Feige, the upcoming Disney+ TV series The Mandalorian, as well a series focused Cassian Andor