Star Wars: Fan Creates Obi-Wan Spinoff Poster We All Want

When Lucasfilm announced they would be making spinoff films set in the Star Wars universe, fans started requesting many different characters get the spotlight. But one fan-favorite repeatedly popped up.

Now that Lucasfilm has officially begun developing a movie based on Obi-Wan Kenobi, many people are thrilled. One fan even created a movie poster for the spinoff that's so good, Lucasfilm should hire them. Check it out below.

Kenobi movie confirmed yet? I'm not sure but I made a poster anyway from StarWars

The poster by Redditor Rikard_ shows the titular old wizard standing atop a sand dune in the Tatooine desert. Though it appears to be at night with the stars shining brightly, the overlapping of the planet's twin suns shows him at day in the blistering heat.

There's no telling what the potential Obi-Wan spinoff will consist of, but it's one of the few eras in the character's life that has not been fleshed out on screen.

Fans got to see the character's journey from young Padawan to Jedi Master in the prequel trilogy, with a healthy chunk of time taking place in The Clone Wars animated series. But after dueling Anakin Skywalker and whisking his children off to disparate places in the galaxy, it's assumed that Ben Kenobi lived a quiet life in the desert, keeping tabs on young Luke.

Hopefully we get to learn more because a report confirmed the Obi-Wan spinoff was in the works at Lucasfilm, with director Stephen Daldry (The Hours, Billy Elliot) in talks to helm the movie.

Though news has been quiet on that front ever since it was first announced, many assume that the prequel trilogy's Ewan McGregor would reprise the role rather than have it be recast. McGregor himself was not shy about wanting to return for a Star Wars project, and he even provided his voice the vision sequence in The Force Awakens.


Though McGregor often talked about playing Obi-Wan again, he has been strangely silent ever since news of the new anthology movie first hit. Did Lucasfilm get to him, like they did Frank Oz for The Last Jedi, and get him to keep quiet?

We can only hope so, and as their next major spinoff with Solo: A Star Wars Story approaches its release date, hopefully we find out what the next project will be soon.