Star Wars: Temuera Morrison Pays Tribute to Original Boba Fett Actor Jeremy Bulloch

During the Attack of the Clones 20th Anniversary panel at Star Wars Celebration, Jango Fett/Commander Cody/Boba Fett actor Temuera Morrison commanded the room and nearly took over the event. The fan-favorite actor made his big return to the franchise with The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, taking on the role of the infamous bounty hunter once again. Speaking during hte event, Morrison was asked about actor Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, offering a beautiful tribute to the man who passed away in 2020. "What a wonderful gentlemen he was, a pure gentleman," Morrison said. "He was such a pleasure to be with and fun. Him and Maureen (Walker, his wife) were very close friends of ours. The Fetts used to hang out quite a bit."

Morrison continued revealing the pair didn't meet before he played Jango Fett and only later. "I think I met Jeremy many, many years later on the convention circuit," the star said. "But we had a lot of funs on the conventions too cause he was quite a sporty guy...Of course, look, he set up more so with the Boba Fett series that I've just done, he was responsible for all that mysteriousness and all that stuff that we didn't actually see him do too much of. But he set it all up, so we have to pay respect and he set up the kudos that we're receiving today. So God bless you Jeremy, he's with us today anyway, with us in spirit."

Morrison recently anchored The Book of Boba Fett TV series on Disney+. Though there's no official word on second season of that series yet, it seems like the actor may not be done with the role. At the conclusion of that series, Fett has ascended to officially becoming daimyo of Mos Espa, but a few different plot threads were left hanging like Cobb Vanth being healed in Fett's bacta tank and the next adventures of his frequent partner The Mandalorian. Though unconfirmed Fett seems like he could very well return in The Mandalorian season three, which is already scheduled to premiere in February 2023 on Disney+.

The season two finale of The Mandalorian was previously dedicated to Bulloch, who passed away just two weeks before its premiere. with "In Memory of Jeremy Bulloch" appearing on screen.