Fans Are Petitioning To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes Again Over Good 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Reviews

Thanks to the internet making it easy for petitions to gain support across social media, virtually any cause can be championed and potentially supported by those who share the views of a petition creator. Since its release, The Last Jedi has been the source of controversy amongst fandom, inspiring countless different petitions. The latest of these petitions demands that Rotten Tomatoes be shut down due to how much a film's audience score can vary from a critical score, claiming the site "has a very flawed aggregate rating and broken system."

The petition, which currently has less than 30 signatures out of its goal of 100, tries to explain that the site, which merely compiles information from a variety of reviews posted on hundreds of outlets around the world, should be eradicated for giving visitors information the petition creator considers to be incorrect.

The petition reads:

"Rotten Tomatoes has a very flawed aggregate rating system. Take for example the Critic's Ratings for Star Wars: The Last Jedi (93%), Ghostubusters [sic] (73%) and Sharknando [sic] (82%). All of these movies got high ratings but from audience[s] these movie[s] got very low ratings. These movies are extremely hated by fans and general public. And most of the critics on RT gives favourable reviews to Disney blockbuster movies. One RT critic from Collider bashed the fanbase who hated The Last Jedi during a YouTube vlog. Many critics on RT are extremely toxic and they are unprofessional. The critics from outlets such as Mashable, Collider, Screen Junkies, THR, Forbes, IndieWire are extremely toxic on social media and unprofessional with their reviews.

"RT has a very flawed aggregate rating and broken system. 3/5 score for a Disney film is listed a fresh/good review and the same 3/5 review score for nondisney blockbusters are listed as rotten/bad review. The Tomatometer system is extremely broken and unreliable. For example if a movies [sic] has aggregate critics rating score of 6/10 and another movies [sic] has 9/10 aggregate critics score. Both movies will have 90 percent on Tomatometer. RT is a horrible review aggregate site and very unreliable. IMdb and Metacritic ratings is [sic] more reliable site for movie reviews.The broken Rotten Tomatoes system can hurt the movie industry Becuase [sic] most of the audience watch the movies based on RT score. And their broken system is like cancer to movie industry and audience. In short RT will be plague [sic] for nondisney movies as RT score dosnt [sic] accurately tell which movie is bad, average or good."

Luckily, the creator of the petition was able to list other outlets that they believe have more reliable rating systems that viewers can check out.

Another petition centered around The Last Jedi emerged following the film's opening, wishing that the film be stricken from the official Star Wars saga canon due to audience's displeasure with the details of Luke's backstory. The film currently has a 92% positive rating from critics and 52% positive rating from audiences.

This is only the latest attempt to get Rotten Tomatoes to shut down, with last summer's Suicide Squad earning so many negative reviews that a petition scored over 15,000 signatures in an effort to shut the site down.

You can sign the petition here.


The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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