Start Your Training with This ’Star Wars’ Fashion Collection

ThinkGeek and Mighty Fine have joined forces to deliver the Star Wars 'Training Mode' fashion [...]

ThinkGeek and Mighty Fine have joined forces to deliver the Star Wars "Training Mode" fashion collection. But don't let the world "training" scare you off. These garments aren't specifically designed for wearing in the gym or on some secluded island inhabited by polarizing bird creatures and a grumpy old man. They're comfortable, casual styles that will look good anywhere.

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Highlights from the lineup include the Rey-inspired faux leather embroidered vest, the Resistance army jacket with its patches and prints, the varsity ladies lace-up hoodie with "May the Force Be With You" printed not once, but twice on the hood and around the Alliance starbird, and The Last Jedi and First Order rib-knit skater dresses. The rest of the collection is rounded out with hoodies and t-shirts in various styles.

All-in-all, the lineup is very similar to the Marvel Gear Up fashion collection ThinkGeek released in October. Both of the collections feature several bold styles that are anchored by more traditional, casual items. There are 15 styles in the Star Wars Training Mode fashion collection, and you can shop them all right here.