'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln And Danai Gurira Tease Richonne Baby

With The Walking Dead possibly set to stick around for 50 years, the idea of main characters having babies seems to be a shoe-in.

During a panel at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Rick actor Andrew Lincoln and Michonne actress Danai Gurira teased just that for their beloved Richonne relationship. According to the cast members, this is the ultimate goal when it comes to rebuilding civilization.

"I think we need to repopulate the earth," Lincoln said before ultimately ruling, "Yes, yes, and thrice yes. Let's get it on."

Gurira points out, however, how easy it is to for Lincoln to rule on repopulating so easily. "He doesn't have to bare the load," Gurira said.

"I'm sure [Michonne would] have to think about that a little. She likes being able to, you know, move," Gurira said. "In theory, I love the idea. The practicality of it, I don’t know, Michonne would have to think that through.”

"She'd still be kick-ass with a bump," Lincoln added. "She'd be like the apocalyptic Demi Moore. She could do photoshoots with the tiger."

Lincoln previously addressed the topic in an interview with ComicBook.com ahead of Season 7's midseason return. "Oh, yeah. Without a doubt," Lincoln said. "I think the whole point is to start again and to restart and it's about the future, and it's obviously the next generation and, as far as we can tell, we're outnumbered undead to human a lot. It is about repopulating the world. I think that they make a terrific couple and I don't think he would hesitate. Also, maybe in a couple of episodes time, there may be a jump ahead in the curve and maybe setting themselves to that job at hand."

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