'The Walking Dead' Cast Danced And Stripped After Negan Double-Killing Scene

The killing of Glenn and Abraham was one of the show's most brutal moments, but behind the scenes, it also might have been one of the funniest.

The Walking Dead cast appeared live on Facebook (courtesy of FOX) to answer fan questions about the show when the topic of the brutal season 6 finale and season 7 premiere came up. Chief content officer Scott Gimple remembers the hard-hitting scenes at that time quite well, but he also spoke about how it spawned a fun dancing and stripping sequence unexpectedly.

"It's funny to see these characters who deal with so much heartbreak and heartache to be laughing out loud or dancing like when we shot Glenn and Abraham and everybody started taking their clothes off," Gimple said. "It was an interesting...I didn't yell cut for about 9 minutes. How far will they go? I knew you were committed."

"So there was a scene we shot where they carried Glenn and Abraham's bodies to the truck, and then everybody, the actors, Sonequa and all them started just dancing, and we were, it was a nice really lighthearted moment after all that murder and mayhem and blood, and I think Michael or you (Christian Serratos) or Sonequa or somebody just, the first item of clothing came out."

Russ Marquand revealed it most likely started with Maggie star Lauren Cohan. "Lauren, I think she took off her belt and a hat came off, and then she just (starts dancing)."

"I wonder whatever happened to that footage," Gimple asked.

While the actual event itself was fun and lighthearted, Serratos revealed it made everyone tear up upon seeing it again.

"But then it went into the bloopers at the wrap party and then for some reason, I don't know if it was just me, but it was the one scene of us being silly and funny and dancing and stripping that made everyone cry the most, because it was like the end of an era," Serratos said.


Marquand thinks it is more a referendum on the cast, saying "They just didn't like our stripping."

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