All Episodes of 'The Walking Dead' in Two Minutes

A fan of The Walking Dead has mashed up all of the important moments from each episode of the first eight seasons.

In the video above, moments such as the CDC exploding, Sophia being shot after walking out of Hershel's barn, Negan carrying out his horrific introduction, Glenn's dumpster dive, and Shiva roaring for the first time are chronologically ordered. It all culminates with the Season Eight finale where Negan is defeated and taken prisoner by Alexandria.

The AMC show built itself on a mantra of "no one is safe" and it is fully on display in the video. Noah's horrific death in the revolving door was one of the most memorable and shocking moments and, luckily, it is only shown for a brief instance. Most of the scenes above do require a solid knowledge base from each season to fully understand what's going on in each moment.

With Season Nine, the AMC series is aiming to return to some of its earlier moments and vibes. "Now we're getting the chance to see these people really interact with each other," executive producer Greg Nicotero said. "They care about each other. I loved it. It reminded me of Season Two. Everybody always says, 'Oh, Season Two. It was really boring. Hershel's farm.' I'm like, 'F--- you guys! Season Two, that's when we fell in love with Daryl! That's when we fell in love with Carol because we took the time, and Hershel for God's sakes!' I really feel like we're at that time when we're really allowing those scenes."


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