AMC Gives Updates On The Walking Dead Spinoff Status

The Walking Dead and its spinoff shows have temporarily been put on hold due to the pandemic which is facing the world right now. The Walking Dead Season 10 finale has not been able to air. Production on Season 11 has not been able to begin. Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead has been put on hold, indefinitely. Meanwhile, the third spinoff series The Walking Dead: World Beyond has been delayed from its original release date which was planned for April. Now, the series will not be debuting until the fourth quarter of this year as AMC rearranges its programming schedule.

"We moved The Walking Dead: World Beyond … back into [the] fourth quarter, so we are finishing post[-production] on that," AMC COO Ed Carroll said (via THR). "That will be set to go. We have a new show, which is quite a bit anticipated called Soulmates, … that will be airing in the second half of the year. And we anticipate having some episodes of Fear [the Walking Dead] season 6 in the second half of the year as well."

There seems to be a chance The Walking Dead Season 11 does not debut in 2020. AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan commented on the flagship title, saying "that work continues," in regards to writing the upcoming episodes in virtual writers' rooms. "We have had to postpone production and post-production work on a number of shows, resulting in some scheduling shifts between now and the end of the year, which we are also managing through," Sapan said.

The Walking Dead Season 10 finale was scheduled to air on the first Sunday an April but, as showrunner Angela Kang told, the post-production process was about a week away from complete before the state of California called for a shutdown. "We're very, very close to finishing," Kang said. "I think actually, by the time the world is safe for people to start venturing out, probably all of the effects will be done, and then it's just a handful of processes and it can be turned around very, very quickly. We're very hopeful that we can get it all done very rapidly once we're back up and running."


As it stands now, The Walking Dead Season 11, Fear the Walking Dead Season 6, and The Walking Dead: World Beyond do not yet have premiere dates.