Fear the Walking Dead's Dwight Was Ready to Die, Big Moment Explained

Fear the Walking Dead delivered a delightfully emotional moment on Sunday night. Fans of The Walking Dead have followed Austin Amelio's Dwight on a journey since the character was introduced as a troubled cohort with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan villain. Dwight ultimately betrayed Negan and the Saviors, teaming with Rick Grimes and Team Family. Ultimately, Daryl declared Dwight was unwelcome in Alexandria and Dwight was determined to find his wife Sherry. Instead, he found Morgan Jones and the cast of Fear the Walking Dead in Texas but Sunday night's episode delivered the character's big wish.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 6x03 follow. Major spoilers!

To end Episode 6x03, Amelio's Dwight heard his long lost wife Sherry over a radio. She had followed a flare to the building where Dwight was holed up, not knowing it would lead to their reunion. In the moments prior to this, Dwight had not only believed he would never see Sherry again but also accepted such a fact. As a result, he was ready to die if it meant helping Maggie Grace's Al connect with a woman she loves.

"Yeah, I think so," Amelio told ComicBook.com when asked if Dwight was ready to die. "At that point it's just like he had totally given up. It was sort of the mission for all the characters, but it's just like do good for someone else. And so I think it was like this Diehard trying to follow through with that, whatever it took."

However, that mentality is likely thrown out the window now. Sherry's return to his life might give Dwight a new will to live. "I don't even want to spoil it for you. I don't know," Amelio says of the future for Dwight. "I don't know. You've got to keep watching because things start happening with him because of her, some things that are good, some things they're bad."

Fear's Victor Strand actor Colman Domingo directed Sunday night's episode, nailing every beat of the emotional reunion sequence. "I think with any sequence that has emotional weight it all depends on sort of where you're at on the day," Amelio says. "There's so many influences that go into what's going to happen with you as a person emotionally and I had been looking for her for so long. I just didn't want to put too much pressure on myself in regards to like, well, am I supposed to be crying or am I supposed to be... I just wanted it to be what it is and I did see the episode and it f-cking made me cry and I think it was because Colman's directing and for me it's always the music. The music always is kind of a cherry on top. And I thought that Colman's choice for that was really great."


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