Fear The Walking Dead Does Not Have An End In Sight

The Walking Dead seems to bee gearing up for a movement into its next phase of properties. The Walking Dead has 30 episodes remaining between its bonus Season 10 episodes and final Season 11. The Walking Dead: World Beyond will wrap around around the same time, finishing its planned two-season run. Fear the Walking Dead will be rolling into its seventh season, the season which would be a sensible time to conclude given original plans and timing ties to the larger franchise. According to showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss in an interview with ComicBook.com, Fear the Walking Dead does not have an end in sight, though the creatives do have ideas for how the series will end.

"We have not had any specific conversations about when the show would end," Chambliss said. "We have our own ideas about how we think the show should conclude, but for right now, we're just going to keep telling the stories and do it for as long as AMC says to keep doing it."

Following the conclusion of The Walking Dead, a movie (or possibly the originally planned movie trilogy) will call for Andrew Lincoln and some other cast members from the original series to appear on the big screen. Since Lincoln's Rick Grimes departed the main series in a mysterious helicopter marked with the universe's CRM logo, a trio of interlocked circles, Fear the Walking Dead has loosely tied itself to the group which took Rick away from Alexandria. Maggie Grace's Althea, specifically, has developed strong ties to the group as she has fallen in love with a soldier working for CRM.

"I think in terms of Al's story, she obviously made the choice to stay with Dwight, to stay with the person who she had a relationship with, that she knew was a real thing as opposed to reconnecting with Isabel. That is still going to be a big drive for Al to try to reconnect with Isabel. That may bring her back in contact with the CRM," Chambliss teased. "We're definitely aware of the larger world and how Fear plays into that. I don't think it will be the last we'll see of elements from World Beyond or from The Walking Dead."

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Fear the Walking Dead will return for the rest of its sixth season in 2021.