Fear the Walking Dead Promo Seemingly Confirms Major Morgan Spoiler

Fear the Walking Dead ended its fifth season with a traditional-for-TV cliffhanger. Morgan Jones, a character first introduced in The Walking Dead's premiere episode, was left behind to die. He had been short near his chest and a small pack of walkers was closing in on him. There looked to be no way out for the character but, apparently, there was. A new promo for AMC's 2020 shows used footage from all of its series to promote their upcoming episodes. When the new season of Fear the Walking Dead was up for promo, the 2020 trailer used footage of Morgan Jones.

This would seem to confirm that Morgan Jones is going to survive his injuries from the end of Fear the Walking Dead's fifth season and be a factor in the upcoming sixth season. The footage might be from a previous season but using the character in the promo at all would be a gamble when it comes to playing with fans' tempers if the character is dead of the church's doorstep as implied by the season five finale.

How he survived is unknown. Some fans hope that Madison Clark returns to the series in some sort of miracle moment to rescue him and reunite with her one remaining child Alicia. There have been plenty of theories but many seemed to be wishful thinking.

“In Season 6, I don’t know if my character will make it through,” Morgan actor Lennie James said on Talking Dead in his first comments since Morgan’s implied farewell on the AMC show. “When he first arrived in Texas, it was a man who wanted to get away from people. And now it’s a man who feels real love, responsibility and pride in a group of people that he wants to be around and he wants to call them his own. My hope for six is that they find a way of being back together.”

It is worth noting that Morgan Joners was not featured on the In Memoriam segment on Talking Dead, a bit which compiles the deaths of characters and zombies for a final farewell.


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Fear the Walking Dead is currently in production on its sixth season which will air later this year on AMC.