Fear The Walking Dead: Date Of Death Preview Released

Following Sunday's Pillar of Salt episode of Fear the Walking Dead, AMC has released a new preview for the thirteenth episode of Fear's second season, titled, Date Of Death.

Date Of Death comes in hot on the heels of the Fear the Walking Dead's scattered group showing their first signs of reuniting. The episode will follow the adventures of Chris and Travis which lead to Travis seeing the hotel's lights which were briefly illuminated by an ill-advised choice from Madison. To cap the episode, though, Travis looked to be alone. Could Chris run into trouble in Date Of Death?

Travis and Madison aren't the only people who may see a happy reunion in the near-future. Pillar of Salt also showed the first sign of Madison finding her son Nick in his thriving Tijuana community. As Madison and Elena went to Marco's supermarket for supplies to save Strand, she caught wind of Francisco's interrogation which included a description of her lost son.

"I think we'll see some of those traits come together by the end of the season," Fear producer Dave Erickson told ComicBook.com in an interview prior to the midseason premiere, "but it's really not going to be until season 3 that we see any semblance of our family returned."

As things heat up, Date Of Death promises to raise the stakes of Fear the Walking Dead which have been building all season long. Only three episodes reamin in the second season.


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