Talking Dead Spoils Fear the Walking Dead's Morgan Jones Cliffhanger

Fear the Walking Dead ended its fifth season on a cliffhanger which implied that Morgan Jones was going to be killed off. However, the character was left alive when the screen went black despite bleeding out from a gunshot wound and a small herd of walkers closing in on him. Although the showrunners won't touch on his fate definitively, Talking Dead might have spoiled the outcome.

During Talking Dead's In Memoriam segment, Morgan Jones was not featured. This means he is, for now, still alive.

The only moment in The Walking Dead universe's history this can be compared to is Glenn's dumpster dive mystery. The character appeared to be dead based on the framing of a scene which saw Nicholas being eaten by walkers as his body sat atop Glenn's. Glenn was not featured on Talking Dead's In Memoriam segment as he crawled under the dumpster, something which would be revealed episodes later.

Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead's Madison Clark was killed off-screen in the show's fourth season but the Kim Dickens character was featured on In Memoriam and has been confirmed dead by the cast and writers. Still, fans hope it isn't true and she somehow used some logic and fled the baseball stadium before burning it down.

"Listen, he was bleeding quite a bit from that wound. And, he also had walkers encroaching on him," Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told Insider following the Season 5 finale. "Whether it's in the shoulder or the heart, it's a bad gunshot wound and it's not going to be one that he could easily survive." It's truly classic play by the showrunners who want to give as vague of an answer regarding Morgan's fate as the dialogue they enjoyed providing their characters throughout Season 5.


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Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed for a sixth season which should begin production later this year. The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season on Sunday, October 6 at 9pm ET on AMC.