Josh McDermitt On Eugene's Deviation From 'The Walking Dead' Comics

Fans of The Walking Dead have been continuously surprised to see Eugene Porter defy the path set by the show's comic book source material but Josh McDermitt is having fun messing with fan expectations.

In The Walking Dead comics, Eugene chooses to escape the Sanctuary with a doctor and two Sanctuary residents in tow. Fleeing Negan's wrath, he jets for the Hilltop and truly acts heroic in doing so. It's something the TV-version of Eugene has shown no interest in which is making things more fun for McDermitt when playing the role.

"I definitely understand it, and I love that they're surprised and emotional about it and have an opinion," McDermitt told THR. "You could just be a stale character that nobody has an opinion about. I think it's actually awesome that people are up in arms about this guy's decisions. If you go back to the scene where Negan basically says, 'I respect you,' and goes to shake his hand, which he adds, 'I don't offer [a handshake] to everybody.'"

When asked if he wants to see Eugene go back to supporting the good guys the way he once did, McDermitt doesn't have a specific answer.

"I try not to have many hopes for a character, because I don't want to judge someone. It's hard to answer," McDermitt said. "I'm sure the fans want me to say, 'Yeah! I really want him to go back to Team Rick!' But Eugene is Team Eugene. He's not Team Negan. He's not Team Rick. He's not Team Abraham's Army. He's Team Eugene. I want to see him continue to live in interesting ways. Unfortunately, if that means people die around him? For me, it's still interesting. I probably have a different take on it because I'm playing this guy. If I was a fan of the show just watching it, as I was before I started working on the show, I would probably want him to do the right thing and go back…but as it is now, I just want to see something interesting with this guy. I want to see new and creative ways of how he's going to get out of this situation — or this pickle, rather, since this guy is obsessed with pickles. How's he going to get out of this pickle? That's fun and interesting for me."


With only one episode of The Walking Dead remaining in 2017, Alexandria will sure be hoping Eugene flips sides sooner than later -- especially after Daryl's rogue mission may have cost them Rick's plan.

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