When Will Morgan Leave 'The Walking Dead' For 'Fear'?

Morgan Jones is leaving Alexandria, Virginia behind and headed for Austin, Texas.

One of the few-remaining survivors from the first season of The Walking Dead, Morgan was announced late November as the character at the center of the crossover between The Walking Dead and companion series Fear The Walking Dead.

Actor Lennie James will make the jump from the flagship series, now in its eighth season, over to Fear as part of the ever-expanding new cast for season 4, joining newcomers Maggie Grace, Kevin Zegers and Jenna Elfman.

James will be featured alongside returning series regulars Kim Dickens, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Frank Dillane, and Colman Domingo.

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple said Morgan — who appeared in the pilot episode and finally assimilated into the group as a series regular in season 6 — "has a lot of story left on The Walking Dead," adding "Morgan's arc in The Walking Dead season 8 positioned him for the story on Fear."

James is already in Austin, Texas, where he's been hard at work shooting Fear since November 27. In his first comments after the revelation that he would be leaving The Walking Dead to join Fear The Walking Dead, James said he wrapped filming on season 8 of The Walking Dead in late November — suggesting Morgan makes it through the back half of season 8, which airs its mid-season finale tonight.

In an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com, James opened up about the transition to the other series on the opposite side of the country, revealing season 8 of The Walking Dead will "springboard" Morgan over to Fear.

"The things that the writers are doing with Morgan and the way that they're navigating, it's not really a spoiler alert, but the way that Morgan transitions through the crossover is really, really interesting," James explained.

"The springboard that goes from The Walking Dead to Fear is a real... He goes with some kind of trajectory. It is a full, well-thought out journey that Morgan goes on. A lot of it is tied to his relationship with Rick. A lot of it is tied to his relationship to this group of people that he feels conflicted about caring for and wanting to protect."

James couldn't say much more about Morgan's remaining time on The Walking Dead — "He gets really messed up," according to the actor — but James' comments signify Morgan will depart The Walking Dead at the end of season 8.

"There's always the possibility" of a return back to The Walking Dead, James told ComicBook.com, with longtime co-star Andrew Lincoln, who plays leading man Rick Grimes, telling us a future Rick/Morgan reunion isn't out of the question.


"I think that they have an intense habit of finding each other, no matter what channel they're on," Lincoln said.

The Walking Dead airs its extended mid-season finale tonight at 9/8c on AMC.

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