'The Walking Dead' Finale: Austin Amelio On Dwight's Future

Though Dwight played his part in taking down Negan, the character now has an uncertain future with [...]

Though Dwight played his part in taking down Negan, the character now has an uncertain future with no community to call home. Austin Amelio, however, remains optimistic for his character.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season Eight finale, Wrath, follow!

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The Season Eight finale saw Dwight being left to fend for himself at the house he last heard from Sherry. The Saviors had already expelled him but Daryl went ahead and made sure he knew he wasn't welcome among the victorious Alexandrians, either.

"It obviously tests who you are as a human," Amelio said. "I feel like Dwight is so strong minded. I know me, as a person, if I were just constantly getting belittled and dehumanized all the time, I would freak out. Really, I think the thing that's holding him together is the chance that he will find his wife. Really, thats his glue for staying together."

The note which Dwight found, indicating his wife has not only been back here but could still be alive, "absolutely" gave the character a new batch of hope. "She's out there, right?" Amelio said. "She's out there somewhere. Definitely gives him a little more juice."

With Dwight's story being hugely driven by the search for his beloved wife, there will be other factors which push him forward in the future. "I don't know if it's the only thing left," Amelio said. "I think it's a huge part of the storyline. I think that's definitely on the forefront for sure but I think Dwight has seen stuff that he needs to get done in order to feel whole again. One of those is finding Sherry. The other stuff, I think some of the other things he wants to concentrate on, is putting some good back in the world, too. Whatever that means. I don't know. No one tells me shit. I think there is more than just the Sherry road but I think that is definitely really important to his storyline."

Of course, another factor might be the desire to see Negan killed, rather than jailed. "For him, I think it's like his mission is sort of incomplete," Amelio said. "I think he would really like to see Negan die. I think with everything, he would like to see that dude go. That guy just tortures him, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. He wants that guy gone. To see hi alive is just another reminder of the world is not okay."

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