The Walking Dead: Devastating Rick Grimes Easter Egg in Season 10

Although The Walking Dead has been very good since the departure of Andrew Lincoln and his Rick Grimes character, fans are always looking for clues about where the leader of the apocalypse has flown off to. The movies are taking longer than expected so fans are left longing for clues with each new episode on Sunday nights. Now, as the series is primed for the Whisperer War in the coming couple of episodes, one fan has spotted a reference to Mr. Grimes in the preview for Episode 10x11. Daryl Dixon, the apparent leader of the Alexandria and Hilltop communities while so many others are away, is seen practicing war prep in a method similar to that of Rick Grimes.

Before going to war with Negan, once and for all, Negan stood by the graces of Glenn and Abraham at the Hilltop. He thought about all which he had lost to this point and remember why he fights for the future. In the preview for the new episode, Daryl Dixon is seen standing before graves at the Hilltop, as well. He, like Rick, is looking out at all that his group has lost as he prepares for a massive battle against Alpha and the Whisperers, knowing that a battle is imminent.

See the two photos side by side, from 8x01 (Mercy) and 10x11 (Stalker) below:


While this might seem to imply Daryl is standing in for Rick Grimes, Daryl actor Norman Reedus insisted to in 2018 that no one is going to replace Rick Grimes or Andrew Lincoln.

"I don't think anyone's gonna step up and be Rick," Reedus said. "Everybody on the show is gonna step up and elevate their game and fill that hole. I don't think there could be a new Rick. I know the internet's like, 'Screw, Norman! Who does he think he is?' I've just got to sit there go, 'Oh, whatever.' Everybody sort of steps up to the plate, but the best thing, not even the story, but Andy as an actor, as a person, as a friend ... When people show up on the set for the first time, he's the first person that says 'Hello.' He's the first one there. He's the last one to leave. He's the one that's like, 'Come on, guys! Stop f---ing around! Let's do-" I would look at him and I'd go, 'Do the thing. Come on, guys! Let's get this thing!' and just all this stuff. I'd be like, 'This is really good. Louder.'"


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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.