The Walking Dead's Scott Gimple Teases New Season 10 Episodes

The Walking Dead was forced to call an audible when a wrench was thrown into its 2020 plans. The AMC zombie series had to not only delay its Season 10 finale from airing in April to mid-October but also was unable to get production going in late April or early May as would be necessary for a new season to premiere in the fall. As a means to combat the delays caused by 2020's coronavirus pandemic, The Walking Dead is airing six new episodes as a part of Season 10 before the eleventh and final season begins in the fall of 2021. Those six episodes will follow an anthology format, focusing on individuals characters or small groups, and chief content officer Scott Gimple is quite excited for their debuts.

"It's in the aftermath of 10A and 10B," Gimple explained to "It is a part of that story. It's connected to all that. Even like 'Here's Negan' obviously has to do with Negan's backstory, but even then, that is directly connected to the story coming out of Season 10." You can read our full interview here!

Fear the Walking Dead as benefited tremendously from an anthology structure of storytelling. The spinoff series focused on one character more than any others each week, rotating who gets the spotlight, and often thinning the number of characters who appear in each episode. Pair this character-driven model with a truly interesting story and Fear has been hitting home runs each with in its sixth season. The Walking Dead's six additional episodes seems to be doing something similar.

"We had to go right at it," Gimple says. "[The Walking Dead showrunner] Angela [Kang], the staff, some writers from the past, from Walking Dead past, some people who came back to actually work on them. Everybody just gave it their all. And like Fear the Walking Dead, they're concentrated stories because they're shot in a way where we only have a couple of characters that we're focusing on. I just love those kind of stories. It's weird, for all of the intensity and fire that was under everyone to turn out as well, they're amazing in that 'Here's Negan' is an incredible episode. It's really strange, the circumstances, how this all came together, but these six episodes are gonna be something that I think people are gonna really, really enjoy."

Gimple turns to music to describe the approach and how that approach has evolved. "Initially, I looked upon it as sort of an acoustic set, but it's so much more than that," he says. "I guess it's like, it's still a rock concert, but it's very intimate. It's like you got into a show, like you're 50 people at the Whiskey seeing the Rolling Stones."


The Walking Dead: World Beyond will go into production for its second and final season in early 2021. Fear the Walking Dead will return for the back half of its sixth season following The Walking Dead Season 10C, which begins airing its 6 new episodes in February before the final Season 11 begins airing in the Fall of 2021.

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