The Walking Dead: Who Dies In The Cell?

The Walking Dead is set to air the third episode of its seventh season tonight. The episode is [...]

The Walking Dead is set to air the third episode of its seventh season tonight. The episode is titled The Cell and will explore Negan's Sanctuary home for the first time.

In The Cell, we will see Daryl, Negan, and Dwight for the first time since Negan's introduction. Daryl's guilt is weighing heavily on him as Negan attempts to break him down and mold him into a loyal follower. However, when someone as dangerous and unpredictable as Negan is around, no one is safe.

Heading into the next new hour of The Walking Dead, it's tough to say who is in danger and who is safe but some people clearly have an advantage over others. Let's take a look...

Rick- Safe. He is broken but Negan wants him alive as an example of what he can do to anyone in Alexandria.

Carl- Safe. If Carl were to die, especially if killed, Rick would not only slay the murderer on the spot or die trying, but would also lose his will to live. Carl's evolution continues.

Aaron- Safe. After dodging Negan, Aaron will press on.

Maggie- Safe. Maggie will go to a dark place after watching her husband getting beaten to death but the last remaining memeber of the Greene family will evolve and emerge as a leader.

Eugene- Safe. It will be tough for Eugene to go on after his best friend and protector was brutally killed in front of him but the hair game will remain strong and Eugene will be forced to find his place on his own.

Sasha- Danger. Having lost everyone in her life, Sasha is broken down and willing to risk it all to take out Negan.

Rosita- Safe. She's a soldier who knows how to adapt. While she may not be as content with aspects of her life as she would wish, she realizes proper avenues of revenge and thinks more rationally than most.

Daryl- Danger. Being the most stubborn member of Alexandria and now taken as Negan's hostage, Daryl faces serious trouble if he refuses to kneel and serve the man who just killed two of his friends.

Dwight- Safe. He has some serious internal struggles going on but his following of Negan keeps him safe for now.

Simon- Danger. The right hand man doesn't exactly pay the most attention to detail. Foolishness and disrespect do not do well around Negan.

Negan- Safe. He is in complete control of his group and several others. That said, he did a great job of pissing off the one man who can rally enough people to take him down. Enjoy it while it lasts, Negan.

Ezekiel- Safe. The King will bring a refreshing bit of lighthearted joy to The Walking Dead starting on Sunday night.

Carol- Safe. She is still a threat to herself but Ezekiel isn't going to let her run too far.

Morgan- Safe. Best equipped to take on threats around him and trained in disciplined fighting, Morgan does what it takes to survive and protect those around him.

Father Gabriel- Safe. Gabriel finally knows he has to fight to survive. There is no immediate threat near him.

Jesus- Safe. The ninja-like man full of wit has a lot of fight left in him.

Gregory- Danger. There's a certain woman gunning for his job.

Who do you think is in the most danger headed into the next new episode of The Walking Dead? Is Negan done with his punishment or does the menace have more of a point to make? Will Ezekiel's Kingdom provide the sanctuary Carol is looking for?

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