The Walking Dead: Who Is Sherry?

In the trailers for the newest episode of The Walking Dead, there is a scene of a woman talking about Negan. She seems to be taken care of, and she cautions her unseen listener about how dangerout Negan can really be. She says, "Go back while you can. Whatever he's done, there's more."

The woman in question is none other than Sherry, the ex-wife of Dwight.

If you don't remember, Sherry was one of the women who was running away with Dwight when Daryl found them in the woods. The other woman was Sherry's sister.

Since Sherry is teased in the episode centered around The Sanctuary, and we know Dwight obviously made it back there, it's clear she is living in the home of Negan. Not much more is known about her on the show, but the comics should give us some insight to her situation.

Sherry was a much more heartless individual in the source material, and left Dwight when Negan offered to make her one of his wives. This title came with plenty of privelages, so she threw Dwight under the bus.

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(Photo: AMC)

Sherry did miss Dwight more than she had thought, and it ended up provoking Negan to burn the man's face, hence the giant scar.

She seems to be doing well in the show, from her looks in the trailer, so there's a good chance she took a position as a wife of Negan, just as she did in the comics. Since she and Dwight got caught after running away, she may not have had a choice.


By becoming one of Negan's wives, Sherry could keep Dwight alive and make a more comfortable life for herself.

As time goes on, at least in the comics, Sherry ends up leaving Negan as well. She is currently dating another man, and Dwight has moved on as well.