The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals Who Negan Didn't Kill

The furor caused by The Walking Dead’s previous season finale has created a frenzy of nearly [...]

The furor caused by The Walking Dead's previous season finale has created a frenzy of nearly epic proportions. With one of Rick's members almost guaranteed to die at the hands of Negan, fans have been trying to figure out who'll be meeting their end in Season 7. And, if you're willing to trust Jeffrey Dean Morgan's words, he apparently 'revealed' who Negan didn't kill during in interview with Kevin Smith.

IMDb had Smith chat with the crew of The Walking Dead, and the filmmaker wasted no time in asking the question on everyone's mind: "With the exception of Jeffrey, the rest of this panel is unkillable, right? Not a single one is ever leaving that show?"

Sitting on stage, actors Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) keep quiet while Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) forces down a smile. The three actors look over to Jeffrey before Norman turns and says, "Ask Jeffrey that question. He's the one swinging the bat."

"Who did you kill if indeed anyone," Lincoln then asks, goading the other on.

Looking down, Jeffrey stays silent until he perks up, telling Smith that the victim is, "no one sitting here."

But does that really give fans the spoiler they've been searching for?

Eh, probably not. It's hard to believe any of the cast would spoil the upcoming reveal, and in their efforts to keep the secret safe, they'd likely lie to misdirect fans. If anything, Jeffrey probably meant that Negan didn't kill anyone on stage - you know, as in Lincoln, Norman, or Yeun themselves.

Of course, if fans are going off The Walking Dead's comics, then readers have known who the victim is for awhile now. Spoiler! In the series' 100th issue, Negan famously and brutally murders Glenn after selecting the survivor as is victim, killing Rick's friend in a grisly show of power. However, as AMC's adaptation hasn't always aligned with the franchise's comics, fans can't know for sure if Negan's victim will be canonical.

For now, fans can decide how they'll interpret Jeffrey's words before they find out who dies - if anyone - when The Walking Dead returns to AMC later this Fall.