Five Predictions for 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale

When it comes to midseason premieres and finales, it's difficult to top The Walking Dead. AMC's horror series has consistently shocked fans in these episodes, and it's safe to say that tonight's edition will follow suit.

"How It's Gotta Be," the 90-minute midseason finale set to air tonight, has promised fans something completely insane. Whether that means a major death is coming, or a twisted cliffhanger is on the way, it's going to be an exciting night for fans, guaranteed.

What exactly can you expect in tonight's episode? We've got a few ideas.

Rick vs. Daryl: Round 2

A couple of weeks ago, longtime BFFs Rick and Daryl got into an actual fist fight following a disagreement over their ethics. Rick wants to keep people alive, while Daryl wants to do whatever is necessary to win the war against Negan.

Now that Daryl has taken things a little too far, driving a truck straight into the sanctuary, essentially signing the death warrant of all who live inside.

When Rick eventually finds out about this disobedience, expect the "brothers" to brawl even harder than they did the first time.

Eugene Outs Dwight

These two have been going back and forth ever since Eugene figured out that Dwight had betrayed Negan. Last week, Dwight began trying to convince Eugene to help his cause, and his old friends.

There are really only two ways this can go. Dwight could kill Eugene, keeping him from spilling the beans regarding his disloyalty. On the other hand, Eugene could expose Dwight, forcing him to escape the Sanctuary and join one of the survivor colonies.

The latter seems to be the most likely option today.

Morgan Clears

As Morgan uses his rifle to try and clear a path for Daryl, he may finally snap back into his old ways.

He's already abandoned his need for peace, but tonight's episode could see him taking things one step further. Morgan could easily get a little trigger-happy and revert back to his "Clear" days.

Let's hope Morgan finds a way to keep his sanity intact.

Negan Attacks

Negan can only stay put for so long. Once that truck penetrates the wall of the Sanctuary, don't think that the bat-wielding baddie will just run away.

The Saviors' leader will probably use this as an opportunity to take an offensive approach to this war. Using the weapons he has left, look for Negan to take the fight to Alexandria.

Could this bring the iconic grenade-tossing scene from the comics?

Carl Dies

We don't want to think about it, but someone is probably going to die in tonight's episode. Who's to say it won't be Carl?


The kid has barely been featured this season, and his story is starting to come full circle. After trying to be just like his dad, he's now finding out that peace and trust is the right way, just as Rick is doing now.

Last week, Talking Dead teased a shocking finale, what could be more shocking than the death of Carl Grimes?