Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD’s Enver Gjokaj Reveals What Makes Playing Sousa So Meaningful

The current season of Agents of SHIELD has seen Enver Gjokaj reprising into his role as Daniel Sousa from Agent Carter. In a recent interview with Collider, Gjokaj shared what it was like stepping back into the role, explaining that "very rarely do you get to revisit a character that you really love to play" and revealed that "it was a blast." The actor, who first played Sousa in 2015, also shared what's made playing the role so meaningful. This came up after being asked if he kept any props from Agent Carter or Agents of SHIELD.

"Marvel, as you can imagine, is very strict. I kept a little SSR badge from Agent Carter. It was the little badge that we flashed with our SSR logo on it. I kept that, and that’s really fun and just a little token of my time on the show. Most of the other stuff I have is stuff from fans and stuff that fans made. There are little figures and Funko Pops. That’s most of the other stuff that I have. When you’re at a convention, people come from all over the place and they have something that they give you, and that means a lot. Sometimes, as an actor, you don’t feel like you’re making a big difference, but then the character that you play with a disability makes such a big difference to somebody’s life and you realize that representation on screen does make a difference. It’s cool. Those things mean a lot to me," Gjokaj explained.

During the interview, Gjokaj also talked about how he's not sure what happened between Sousa and Peggy Carter after Agent Carter. He was asked about a moment in his first Agents of SHIELD episode when he checked himself in the mirror once he thought he was going to see Peggy. "I didn’t talk to Jed [Whedon] and Maurissa [Tancharoen] about it, and I didn’t talk to Marvel about it. As an actor, I just have to figure out what I think it means, so that I can play it, in the moment. So, Marvel would be the people to ask about it. I think that [that moment] probably means what it seems to mean, which is that he didn’t expect to see her there, and that he’s vain and likes to check his hair. But I get it. I’m particular about my hair, so they were dead on with that character trait."

While some people were upset Peggy ended up with Cap and not Sousa, many minds have been changed this week when fans noticed some chemistry between Sousa and Daisy Johnson.

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.