Behold the David Hasselhoff Knight Rider Chia Pet


Collectibles company NECA's took over the Chia Pet brand back in 2018 and immediately gave the retro planters a modern pop culture makeover. You can now get Chia Pets with themes that range from Star Wars to Weird Al Yankovic and, starting today, David Hasselhoff.

The best part is that NECA went with Hoff's Knight Rider look for the planter - leather jacket, a dress shirt with at least two or three useless buttons, and a generous hairdo that's ideal for plants. We're guessing that Baywatch Hoff and Cheeseburger Hoff Chia pets were options #2 and #3.

Pre-orders for the David Hasselhoff Chia Pet are live here at Entertainment Earth for $19.99 with a release date slated for April. You can check out more of the new Chia pet options here on Amazon and here at Entertainment Earth.

Speaking of Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff recently talked to Consequence of Sound about the prospect of a reboot for the show. Funny enough, the Hoff was actually developing a new film before that reboot effort got off the ground.

"The details I can share are I have an emotional hand in it and I have a passion," Hasselhoff explained. "The guy who's writing it is a major Knight Rider fan. He sent me a picture of him in the Knight Rider car. His name is T.J. Fixman. The concept, I don't really know. I threw my hat in the ring as 'nostalgia meets Knight Rider of today,' which is not a new Knight Rider, but a continuation of it. They want to do a script that has my approval on it. Whether I'm in it or not, or whether I approve of it, the answer is: I don't know."

He continued, "But I had the rights for about 10 years to Knight Rider, and I couldn't get a bite. And these guys have it now because of the timing, because of the resurgence of nostalgia, because the guy who's doing it gets it. It's not about a talking car. It's about the relationship between Michael and KITT. And it's also about the action and 'one man can make a difference.' And if they do that, I'll probably support it. If they don't do that, they've hassled The Hoff."

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