Better Call Saul Season 5 Premiere Date Revealed in New Teaser

The long wait for Better Call Saul's return is almost over, as AMC reminds fans in a new teaser [...]

The long wait for Better Call Saul's return is almost over, as AMC reminds fans in a new teaser for season 5 that dropped today. The Breaking Bad spinoff is now set to return on February 23, 2020, and it's going to be a very pivotal season, indeed. We've now reached the point in the Breaking Bad prequel story where hustler with a heart of gold, "Slipping Jimmy" McGill is making the full transition into "Saul Goodman," the shady lawyer who will eventually become embroiled in the lives of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and all the mess their meth empire unleashed.

Watch the teaser for Better Call Saul season 5 in the video above!

Better Call Saul season 4 saw Jimmy teetering between the poles of being a good man and the bad man we know he becomes, following the suicide of his brother, Chuck. While on the one hand, Chuck's death freed Jimmy up from his brother's shadow - on the other hand, Chuck was also Jimmy's only real moral compass in life, and without his supervision, Jimmy was left to make the slow descent into the dark side. While his legal practice was on suspension Jimmy turned back to hustling on the streets; by the time of the season 4 finale, he was conning an entire review board using his dead brother as emotional leverage. Jimmy's girlfriend and longtime supporter Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) finally saw the con man for who he was in those last few scenes of the finale, as Jimmy officially changed his lawyer name to Saul Goodman. That turn has set up a major relationship conflict to come in season 5, as we may finally get to see the tragedy of how Kim exits Jimmy's life.

The other big piece of intrigue with the new season of Better Call Saul is that the show's interquel connection to Breaking Bad is steadily approaching the exciting point of when Gustavo Fring, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman all came crashing into Saul Goodman's story. The interquel connections to Breaking Bad have once again come to light, thanks to the recent release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. That film showed (through Jesse's side story) that there are still plenty of points of interest in the Breaking Bad story points we didn't see, and SPOILER! the ending has opened the door that Jesse and Saul could still meet again in the future.

Better Call Saul Season 5 will premiere on AMC on February 23, 2020.