Cardi B Threatens Peppa Pig

It seems we have a new rivalry in hip hop, but it doesn't appear likely that any bars will [...]

It seems we have a new rivalry in hip hop, but it doesn't appear likely that any bars will materialize from it. That's because the beef in question is not between two rappers, but is instead between one rapper and an animated pig. Yep, it seems Cardi B is not a fan of Hasbro's lovable character Peppa Pig, but after you hear why you will likely understand her frustration. Cardi revealed her issues with Peppa Pig on Twitter, where she revealed that her daughter Kulture is currently in a phase where she loves to jump into puddles, especially muddy ones. For those who have watched the show, Peppa shares this love, saying at times "I love muddy puddles", and Cardi is tired of Kulture following suit (via Yahoo!).

Cardi isn't thrilled with Kulture jumping into puddles, especially those muddy puddles, in her boots and getting them either soaked or soaked and caked with mud, and she blames Peppa giving Kulture the idea. That's why she took to Twitter to share this hilarious rant.

Cardi wrote "My baby been watching peppa pig 🐷 and now Everytime she sees a wetpuddle she wants to stomp on top of it 😒😒That s*** gets me so tight ! Fu***** up her uggs......Deum you peppa pig ...COUNT YOUR F***** DAYS!🤬"

Fans got a kick out of Cardi's comments, and it didn't take long before others started chiming in on the Peppa discussion. One person shared a video of their little brother adopting Peppa's British accent.

"Peppa pig mad my little brother believe he was British 😂😂"

They weren't the only ones to bring up the British accent either, and then someone brought up this great clip of Peppa hanging up on her friend in the coldest way.

"Wait til she starts hanging up the phone like a savage 😭😭😭"

Hopefully, Cardi B and Peppa Pig can work things out, and maybe Peppa can help reign in Kulture's fascination with puddles.