CBS Orders Full Seasons for Three Freshman TV Shows

A year after delivering the most-watched new comedy in the form of Ghosts, CBS is back with another highly successful crop of new TV shows. The freshman dramas on CBS have been major ratings hits so far in the fall TV season, with three of them leading all new TV programs across the broadcast channels. Fire Country, East New York, and So Help Me Todd have all been big hits right out of the game, so it should come as no surprise that CBS opted to order more episodes of all three.

On Wednesday, CBS announced that it had handed full season orders to the three freshman dramas. Fire Country, East New York, and So Help Me Todd are all getting their seasons extended, though we don't know by how many episodes. A "full season" traditionally consists of 22 episodes but that isn't the case for every season. 15-18 episodes could easily be considered a full season by new TV standards.

The point is, all of the new dramas are going to get freshman seasons that are longer than originally expected. CBS is making sure to get all it can out of these new shows, ensuring they stay consistent in future seasons. Fire Country has been especially impressive, leading all freshman dramas from a Friday night slot. It could easily act as a Friday anchor for CBS moving forward.

"CBS is off to a tremendous start this season. We are thrilled to have the three most watched new series, each with their own unique settings, characters and storylines," CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl said in a statement. "These dramas are elevating our already successful lineup, resonating with diverse audiences both on-air and on streaming, and continuing to grow each week. We thank the talented casts, executive producers, and their incredible writing and production teams for bringing these shows to life. Additional kudos to our CBS programming teams for shepherding these series to success. We are delighted to give them well deserved full season orders."

Renewals for new shows usually don't come until later in the season, but CBS appears to have three safe bets on its hands, provided the great ratings continue into the spring.

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