Doom Patrol: "Space Patrol" Preview Released

DC Universe has released a preview for the upcoming sixth episode of Doom Patrol's second season, "Space Patrol". If you guessed from the title that the episode would see the heroes go into space, you're right -- at least in terms Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro) and Cliff (Brendan Fraser). The preview reveals that young Dorothy will end up blasting off into space and that Niles (Timothy Dalton) will put Cliff in the terrible position of being forced to retrieve her if he wants Niles' help, presumably in getting needed upgrades to his Robotman body. Check it out for yourself up top.

The episode also sees Doom Manor getting a visit from The Pioneers of the Uncharted -- they're the ones who brought the space ship Dorothy takes off for the heavens in, apparently. On top of that, it appears that Baby Doll's grim fate, as well as the fact that Dorothy invoked another wish from the Candlemaker will be a factor in the episode as well. The preview reveals Cliff finding a wax-covered Jane (Diane Guerrero) with Niles realizing immediately that Dorothy is to blame.

As fans will recall, Dorothy made a wish after a play date with Baby Doll went awry which prompted the Candlemaker to go into the Underground and murder Baby Doll after she, with an assist from Flaming Katy, killed Dorothy's wendigo, Manny. It's that terrible outcome that may be, in part, what prompts Dorothy to go to space when the opportunity presents itself. According to series star Abigail Shapiro, Dorothy is devastated by what happened to Baby Doll.

"I don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil anything, but it impacts her a lot," Shapiro told "She's devastated because she didn't mean to kill Baby Doll. It was the Candlemaker and she doesn't really have much control over the Candlemaker and her making that wish haunts her for the rest of the season."

You can check out the synopsis for "Space Patrol" below.


"Space Patrol" -Larry is tasked with handling Niles' old research team when the ageless aeronauts return from space. As Niles and Cliff set out to find a missing Dorothy, a funeral in The Underground occupies Jane's mind. Meanwhile, Vic discovers a curious connection between Roni and S.T.A.R. Labs, and Rita finds that her role in an upcoming community theater production hits too close to home.

New episodes of Doom Patrol land Thursdays on both DC Universe and HBO Max. "Space Patrol" debuts July 16th.

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