Doom Patrol: Larry Visits His Family in "Finger Patrol" Preview

DC Universe has released a preview for the upcoming fifth episode of Doom Patrol's second season, "Finger Patrol". The episode will see each of the Doom Patrol team continuing to deal with their personal traumas while also trying to juggle the reality of having a new member of the house -- Dorothy. From the looks of the preview, that will include Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro) making friends with one of Jane's personalities, Baby Doll (Diane Guerrero) while Cliff (Brendan Fraser) and Vic (Joivan Wade) team up. You can check out the preview for yourself in the video up top.

Another aspect of the episode will be Larry (Matt Bomer) paying a visit to his family. As we saw in previous episodes this season, Larry reconnected with his family following the death of his son, Gary. From the looks of things, he will be taking Rita along with him as he visits his remaining son and meets his grandson as well. The idea that Larry would take Rita with him for something as important as spending time with his family is just the latest example of the profound relationship between the two, something Bomer spoke with about ahead of the season premiere.

"It's obviously the closest relationship that Larry has," Bomer said. "Rita has known who Larry was long before he came out to her and was able to love and accept him. And she comes from a generation of women. I remember speaking with my grandmother before I had come out and she would talk about people as bachelors. It was this group of women who loved and accepted these men or women for who they were, but didn't have to talk openly about it, were just there for them. And I think the fact that Larry has now come out to her has only deepened their relationship. And they have an understanding of each other that goes deeper than any of the other people that Larry interacts with on the show."

He continued, "There really is a profound, unconditional love that she gives to Larry. And I think he, back to her and understanding that doesn't have to be talked about openly, that there's just a space and a love given around each other's issues. Absolutely."

You can check out the synopsis for "Finger Patrol" below.


"Finger Patrol" - Dorothy finally finds a friend in Baby Doll – until playtime goes awry. Cliff discovers that Niles plans to give him human-like upgrades. Vic devises a plan to win Roni back. After Rita has a lousy audition, Larry brings her along to meet his family and learns more about the life he left behind.

New episodes of Doom Patrol land Thursdays on both DC Universe and HBO Max.