Falcon and the Winter Soldier: New Photos Show Major X-Men Location

Despite filming being able to continue in the Czech Republic, it might be a while before Marvel Studios returns to finish filming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for Disney+. The series is supposed to debut on the new streaming service later this year, but after the spread of COVID-19 turned into a pandemic nothing in the entertainment business is set in stone. However, new photos have emerged from the show's sets in Atlanta that recreated the fictional country Madripoor, which first appeared in the X-Men spinoff title New Mutants before becoming a more prominent location in the pages of Marvel Comics.

The photos come courtesy of Murphy's Multiverse and depict a local street market and, beyond the obvious X-Men ties, also hint at a connection to the developing Secret Warriors series that was recently revealed. Check them out here.

The most prominent photo in the post reveals a location known as Stinger's Strip House, and Murphy deduces that the location is referenced in the Stefano Casselli and Jonathan Hickman series Secret Warriors.

That comic was loaded with supplemental graphics and written material, much like every other Hickman comic, that helped flesh out the world and the storyline; Secret Warriors included a list of secret locations, bases, and stash houses that Nick Fury has hidden throughout the world. One of those locations was based in Madripoor, and its codename? Stinger.

They also point out a bar that has appeared in multiple comics, including the Captain America run by Kieron Dwyer and Mark Gruenwald as well as the recent Invisible Woman comic by Mattia de Iulis and Mark Waid. The bar, called the Brass Monkey, isn't explicitly named with signage in the photos but it does appear to to be employing that title in the decorations on the backdrop.


There are plenty more photos that indicate the Madripoor street market is a place hardened by the people who inhabit it, much like in the comics the fictional country is a haven for criminal activity and supervillains. While we're not sure how prominently Madripoor will feature in the series when it finally debuts, fans of classic X-Men and Captain America comics have something to look forward to.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently scheduled to premiere on Disney+ this August, though the series could be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.