Fear the Walking Dead: A Season 4 Character Returns in “Mother” Sneak Peek

Fear the Walking Dead reveals the surprise character who reunites with Alicia Clark (Alycia [...]

Fear the Walking Dead reveals the surprise character who reunites with Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in a behind-the-scenes preview of Season 6 Episode 14, "Mother." The episode — named after the corpse carted around by self-professed "mama's boy" Teddy (John Glover), Psycho-style — also marks Alicia's unexpected reunion with another killer with mommy issues: Dakota (Zoe Colletti), who was so corrupted by her mother Ginny (Colby Minifie) that she gunned down John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) in cold blood. It's during this weird-ass field trip, airing May 23, that Alicia is surprised to see Cole (Sebastian Sozzi) for the first time since his apparent death in Season 4.

Season 4 introduces Cole as part of the survivors living out of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium community founded by Alicia's mother, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), who is seemingly immolated when setting fire to an invading walker horde in Season 4 Episode 8, "No One's Gone." Though never confirmed, Cole was among those believed killed when the Dell survivors attempted to flee the stadium after it was overrun by oil-covered walkers unleashed by Ennis (Evan Gamble) of the Vultures.

Fear the Walking Dead Cole 614 Mother
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"In this episode, we're definitely gonna learn a little bit more about Teddy," Colletti teases about the serial killer mortician once put behind bars by detective John Dorie Sr. (Keith Carradine), "and who this group of people [is] that he has and what it is that he's got going on. But we also need to learn a little bit about [Dakota]."

"Dakota's gonna go on a journey, and then kind of another journey," Colletti adds. "She's gonna try her best to help, but I don't know that anybody's going to want her help. Being Dakota's hard, and I guess we're gonna see what's gonna happen!"

Spoilery synopses for the final three episodes of Season 6 sparked speculation that "Mother" will reveal Madison survived the stadium, a location Alicia considered revisiting with Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) in Season 6 Episode 7, "Damage From the Inside." Madison and the stadium were referenced in Season 6 Episode 11, "The Holding," and the stadium was mentioned once more as recently as Season 6 Episode 12, "In Dreams."

In February, Fear returned for filming in Round Rock, Texas, just minutes from the Dell Diamond. If Cole made it out of the stadium alive... well, who knows?

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