Jason Momoa Says Game of Thrones Finale Killed Him, Sends Love to Emilia Clarke

With the Game of Thrones series finale having finally aired, fans are witnessing how the [...]

With the Game of Thrones series finale having finally aired, fans are witnessing how the eight-year narrative has ultimately concluded. The size of the audience guaranteed that not everyone would be happy with the show's various story resolutions, resulting in passionate responses from all across the globe. One fan who previously voiced how upset he was with the finale was former star Jason Momoa, who starred as Khal Drogo in the first season. The actor recently replied to one of co-star Emilia Clarke's Instagram posts with comments about how her character's fate upset him and professed his admiration for her.

The actress shared a photo from a piece she did with the New Yorker, with Momoa replying, "Baby that episode killed me." He also added, "I love you madly."

Clarke's character was betrothed to Khal Drogo in the first season, only for him to die from an injury. It's clear that, while their time on set was minimal, the two remain quite close, likely in part due to the series helping launch both of their careers.

This response is much more tempered than his initial response to the finale, as he posted videos of himself getting much more fired up about the events of the series.

"Let me get this shit straight." Momoa shared on Instagram in response on Jon Snow's fate. "You're going back to what the fuck you did in the first place and you killed Khaleesi ... Oh my god! We're gonna go to the bars and we're gonna get in a fight. ... I feel lost. I'm lost. What the fuck? Drogon should've melted his ass. Ugh. And the goddamn bar is closed!"

Momoa is far from the only person to react in such a way to the events of the finale, though his response is one of the more hilarious. It's clear that he's just as passionate about his on-screen wife all these years later.

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