Game of Thrones: Bran's Triumphant Ending Was Set Up in Season 1

The ending to Game of Thrones was no doubt one that surprised longtime fans of the series, for better or for worse. The question of who would rule Westeros when all was said and done was certainly answered, although it wasn't at all who anyone would've expected. Whether you agree with the final decision or not, it's worth noting that the decision to put this ruler in charge was one that was actually teased way back in the first season of the series.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from the series finale of Game of Thrones! Continue reading at your own risk...

Bran Stark, now known as Bran the Broken, was nominated to be the new king of Westeros by Tyrion Lannister, a choice that few expected to see. However, if you think back to the first few episodes of the series, you'll find a couple of major moments of foreshadowing that hint at this potential ending.

First and foremost, the entire series begins with Bran. He witnesses his father behead a man for disobeying the law of the kingdoms, despite the fact that Ned doesn't really want to kill him. Ned uses the moment as an opportunity to teach Bran a lesson in being a man in Westeros, and following the established rules even when you don't think it's the best possible thing someone can do. This set up Bran to grow up with a bad taste in his mouth for the establishment. He always hated how Westeros worked, from the time he was a kid. Not only did he see his father do something terrible in the eyes of the law, but he was pushed out of a window and crippled for life, all in an effort to keep safe one of the lies that the current regime was built upon.

The other major part of this foreshadowing comes in the fourth episode of the series, "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things." Since Bran can no longer walk on his own, or really do anything that other men can do, Tyrion takes it upon himself to help. After all, he understood what it was like to be below everyone else, and he didn't want to see that for Bran. So Tyrion made a special saddle for Bran that allowed him to ride horses with everybody else. "With the right horse and saddle, even a cripple can ride," Tyrion said. "On horseback, you will be as tall as any of them."


Tyrion has always been a big supporter of Bran, as we saw earlier this season when he asked to hear all of the Three-Eyed Raven's story. It made sense for Tyrion to then speak up on Bran's behalf, advocating for him to take over and propping him up when no one else would. It also made sense for Bran to require Tyrion to continue serving as Hand of the King, as it was always his destiny to keep things running smoothly and support those he believed in.

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