Grey's Anatomy Ends With Dangerous Cliffhanger for Fan-Favorite Character

Grey's Anatomy has delivered more than its fare share of crazy cliffhangers over the course of its 19 seasons on ABC. Thursday night's new episode, "Training Day," followed in the footsteps of the many wild endings that have come before on the long-running series. Fans will be holding their breath until next Thursday night, as the life of one of the most beloved characters in Grey's Anatomy history hangs in the balance.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy! Continue reading at your own risk...

Kate Walsh's Dr. Addison Montgomery returned to Grey's Anatomy for the new episode, as the traveled to Sloan Memorial to take part in a seminar for OB-GYN doctors. The entire season has revolved around the fight for reproductive rights around the country, and the seminar put the spotlight on both Addison and Sloan Memorial. An anti-abortion mob protested Addison's work outside of the hospital throughout the episode.

In the final minutes of "Training Day," Addison and the other doctors were escorted out a side entrance of the hospital, as to avoid the protests. Just when it seemed like everything was okay, and everyone had made it out safely, a car rushed into the frame and hit both Addison Montgomery and a younger OB-GYN resident, leaving them unconscious as the episode came to a close.

The fate of Addison will be revealed next Thursday, in the second half of this two-part event. Fans are obviously hoping for the best when it comes to Addison, considering she's been amongst the most popular Grey's Anatomy characters since she first appeared back in Season 2. Addison was also the focus of Grey's Anatomy spinoff series Private Practice, which premiered in 2007 and ran for six seasons.

"Training Day" was directed by Grey's Anatomy star Kim Raver, and she opened up to TheWrap about the devastating Addison cliffhanger at the end of the episode.

"It was really important to create that tension of us not knowing, because I think that there's something really dramatic about that. We've had so much happened in this episode that I really wanted that moment where everyone is kind of taking a deep breath like, the calm after the storm, and then this big thing happens," Raver told the publication. "Someone said that they watched (the scene) and they kind of like, screamed out loud and then burst into tears because it was so shocking, which I love."

"That was sort of my intention. Not just for shock value, but it's really telling the story of what a lot of these doctors are actually dealing with now," she added. "And so I wanted that to be a very visceral experience."

The second part of this Grey's Anatomy event will air March 30th on ABC.