Harley Quinn's Latest Episode Features Long-Awaited First Kiss

The latest episode of DC Universe's Harley Quinn, "There's No Place to Go But Down," dropped on the streaming service this morning and featured a moment we've been waiting for since season one. After Two-Face reinstates himself as DA, he puts Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy on trial for their crimes against the Injustice League, and they're sent to The Pit, a new underground prison run by Bane. During a daring escape, Harley and Ivy save each other, resulting in a moment that will change their friendship (and the show) forever. Warning: Harley Quinn spoilers ahead!

That's right, Harley and Ivy finally kissed! While we knew a romantic turn between the characters was inevitable, the execution of the big moment was excellent. After inciting a prison riot, Harley and Ivy attempt to climb out of The Pit, and once they get high enough for Ivy to see plant life, she creates a vine rope and begins to bring Harley closer to the top. Unfortunately, Bane grabs ahold of the women, making it impossible for Ivy to pull them out. Harley decides to sacrifice herself for her best friend, telling Ivy she loves her and wants her to go have a happy life with Kite Man. Harley lets go of Ivy and begins to plummet back into The Pit, but after a few moments, Ivy soars back down and catches Harley. As soon as the two women are free of the prison, their adrenaline and joy lead to an unexpected kiss. When their embrace is over, they look at each other shocked, and the episode ends.

Recently, the series' showrunners talked about the hopeful couple and shared their vision of transforming the characters from best friends to lovers. "We tried to play the reality of how messy, uncomfortable, and awkward it would be to figure out that you're in love with your best friend. It's messy, it takes a while, and it's not smooth at all. And there are definitely a lot of two steps forward, one step back kind of thing going on," Justin Halpern explained.

If you're itching to watch (or rewatch) today's Harley Quinn episode, ComicBook is hosting a Quarantine Watch Party tonight (Friday, May 15th) at 9 PM EST. We'll be watching last week's episode "All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues" as well as "There's No Place to Go But Down" and we'll be joined on Twitter by the show's executive producers: Patrick Schumacker, Justin Halpern, and Dean Lorey.