Harley Quinn Showrunners Confirm Season 2 Is Working Towards Poison Ivy Romance at the End

The second season of the animated DC Universe show, Harley Quinn, premiered on Friday and followed Harley and her pals as they navigate living in a Batman-free Gotham. The show's first season followed Harley as she dealt with her status in Gotham after breaking up with the Joker while forging her own villainous identity, but it's her bond with Poison Ivy that's become the most important relationship on the show. While the two were just friends in the show's first season, fans are eager to see them enter a romantic relationship. The series' showrunners have teased that a romance is coming, and their recent interview with Newsarama gives more information about the hopeful couple.

"It's steered towards a romantic relationship in the second season, that was always part of the plan," Patrick Schumacker explained. "We wanted to make sure that the first season was just focused on Harley extricating herself from her relationship from the Joker, going out on her own, very focused on the career, very focused on rising up through the ranks of Gotham's criminal underbelly. We thought her jumping into another relationship right off the bat might file the teeth off of Harley's other drive."

He added, "We knew with the second season, once she kind of figured out that aspect of her identity, that we wanted to explore her relationship with Ivy, the complexities of it, and to move into that direction that had been done in the comics before. We thought it was time to explore that in more overt ways than had been explored in animation or any version. We're pretty overt with it in season 2. It's 13 episodes, it's not a thing that we jumped into. It's definitely the payoff for the end of the season. It's the big focus of the end of the season. But along the way shit happens. They do stuff."

"We tried to play the reality of how messy, uncomfortable, and awkward it would be to figure out that you're in love with your best friend. It's messy, it takes a while, and it's not smooth at all. And there are definitely a lot of two steps forward, one step back kind of thing going on," Justin Halpern added.

"Yeah, in love with your best friend, who happens to be in a relationship that does not seem to make sense on paper at all. Even though Ivy and Kite Man are very well-intentioned and they care about each other - as much of a lovable loser Kite Man is, he really does care for Ivy. It complicates things," Schumacker replied.


The entire first season of Harley Quinn is now available to stream on DC Universe, and new episodes debut on Fridays.