HBO Max Streaming Service Release Date and Pricing Announced

The streaming wars will officially kick into high gear later this week with the launch of Apple TV+ and its highly-publicized original content. Just 11 days later, on Wednesday, November 12th, The Walt Disney Company is set to debut its service, Disney+. While WarnerMedia's HBO Max isn't going to arrive until early next year, the company is hoping to get in on the conversation before its competitors hit the market. During an investors call on Tuesday afternoon, the release date and price for HBO Max was finally revealed.

HBO Max is confirmed to launch in May of 2020 and will cost $14.99 a month.

HBO Max will be one of several streaming services on the market when it launches in 2020. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have already existed for some time, both Apple TV+ and Disney+ are coming in November, and Peacock is joining HBO Max early next year. There are several other services out there more specific to genre or network, but these will likely be the most important competitors for some time. With several key comedy acquisitions and a plethora of IP to pull from for original programs, HBO Max will hope to carve out its own section of the streaming landscape.

The two biggest titles that coming to HBO Max will undoubtedly be the iconic network sitcoms Friends and The Big Bang Theory. WarnerMedia paid more than a billion dollars to have the two shows on the streaming service and they will likely drive a large chunk of subscribers to sign up. At least, that's the goal.

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