House of the Dragon Fan Shows How Small Daenerys' Dragons in Game of Thrones Really Are

The season finale of House of the Dragon aired on Sunday, and fans will have to wait a while to see what's next for House Targaryen. In the meantime, there's plenty to read, learn, and rewatch if you're jonesing for more Westeros. There's even some fun and interesting content on TikTik. In fact, user @ladydragonjj recently posted a cool chart that shows the size differences between the dragons seen in House of the Dragon and the ones Daenerys Targaryen rode in Game of Thrones

In the video, you can see that some of the dragons featured in House of the Dragon are much bigger than Dany's Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion who fans grew to love during Game of Thrones' run. You can check out the video below:


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♬ original sound – JJ's Brandon Davis had the chance to chat with some of the House of the Dragon cast, including Matt Smith, who is playing Daemon Targaryen. During the interview, Smith teased what to expect from the dragons in House of the Dragon.

"Yeah, it's like a green head basically, with a guy with a stick, but it's quite a big, green head. You know, it's the size of, not the size of a dragon, but it's big. And then you can touch it and react to it and they move it and fire a bit of wind at you," Smith shared. "Dragons are amazing in this, though, because this isn't a time where they were kind of, 'cause I think, depending on where they're kept and their surroundings, that determines what size they grow to, have I got that right? Do I remember that correctly? So these things are out in the open and they grew to monumental sizes." 

Is Daemon Targaryen a Villain? 

Despite being a sinister character who married his niece, we just can't get enough of Daemon on House of the Dragon. Recently, producer Sara Hess spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and admitted she doesn't understand why fans love the character.

"He's become Internet Boyfriend in a way that baffles me," Hess said. "Not that Matt isn't incredibly charismatic and wonderful, and he's incredible in the role. But Daemon himself is ... I don't want him to be my boyfriend! I'm a little baffled how they're all, 'Oh, daddy!' And I'm just like: 'Really?' How – in what way – was he a good partner, father or brother – to anybody? You got me. He ain't Paul Rudd."

In the same interview, House of the Dragon director Clare Kilner said that she wasn't surprised by the love shown for Daemon. 

"I just love the fact people are so involved with these characters, and I think that's part of the fun of it," she said. "One minute you like someone, and the next minute you like someone else. But I'm not surprised. Matt is such a risk-taker in his performances and he's got that little smile and, you know ... you can't help it! He is charismatic. People love a baddie. But I don't think he's particularly a good father or a good brother."

House of the Dragon's season finale is now available on HBO Max.