Jeopardy!'s LeVar Burton Says He'd Never Have Forgiven Himself if He Didn't Pursue Host Job

Since it was confirmed a few weeks ago that former Star Trek actor LeVar Burton would be among the [...]

Since it was confirmed a few weeks ago that former Star Trek actor LeVar Burton would be among the guest hosts for Jeopardy! later this summer, fans have been ecstatic about the prospect that he might take on the role permanently. Following the death of Alex Trebek the series has been cycling through guest hosts in search of a new one and in a new interview Burton is holding onto the dream of gaining that job. "[Hosting Jeopardy] wasn't even on my bucket list, because I never anticipated that it could possibly be a reality for me," Burton said in an interview with EW. "And no matter what happens, I'm really proud of myself for daring to dream that dream, ultimately."

"What I was interested in, once the table was set, was having an opportunity to compete for the job," Burton revealed. "I believe I would not have forgiven myself if I had let this potential [opportunity] pass without doing everything within my power to put myself forward." The host said that while he couldn't speak openly about the experience just yet, he said that it was "phenomenal," and even said that he doesn't believe "there is anyone out there who is better suited for this job than me."

The executive producers of Jeopardy! previously teased that a new host was to be selected in the spring of 2021, but as we near the summer months it would appear that we won't know until later in the year.

"You will also see big-name people who are not going to be considered for the role but they just love the show, love Alex and wanted to pay tribute," EP Mike Richards said previously in an interview with Deadline. "So not everyone who comes on is auditioning. We are going to go in a lot of different directions, I don't think we want to be in a hurry to name a new person. We all are still mourning the loss — certainly I am — of Alex, and I think just turning around and naming someone would be irresponsible and not thoughtful, which is antithesis of Jeopardy!"

Burton's episodes as host of Jeopardy! are scheduled to air the last week of July.

(Photo cover: Theo Wargo /Getty Images)