Jeopardy! Running Out of New Episodes Due to Coronavirus Shutdown

When Jeopardy! was forced to shut down production a few months ago due to COVID-19, the [...]

When Jeopardy! was forced to shut down production a few months ago due to COVID-19, the long-running game show already had quite a few new episodes in the can. Host Alex Trebek and the rest of the team had filmed plenty of episodes that hadn't yet aired, allowing the show to continue running its normally scheduled program long after they had to stop filming. However, that streak of new episodes is about to end, as Jeopardy! is running out of fresh content.

According to TVLine, Jeopardy! only has a few episodes left to air. June 12th is going to be the last new episode of Jeopardy! to be released until production eventually resumes. Beginning on Monday, June 15th, Jeopardy! will be airing reruns.

To this point, Jeopardy! has aired a mix of new and old episodes, with a couple of big tournament events keeping folks at home entertained. The Greatest of All Time tournament was rebroadcast at the beginning of May in order to delay running out of unaired episodes. The two week Teachers Tournament has taken up the previous nine episodes, and that will conclude tonight. The series released reruns of Ken Jennings' historic winning streak.

Big Jeopardy! fans out there will have one week of new episodes to look forward to before the reruns take over for quite some time. There's no telling exactly how long it will be before Jeopardy! is able to return to production, but it will likely take longer to resume than other programs out there.

Some TV and film studios are taking steps to get filming on their major programs back up and running. Jeopardy! faces even more challenging circumstances due to the health of Alex Trebek. The beloved TV host has been battling Stage 4 pancreatic cancer since last year, which makes him immunocompromised and more vulnerable to COVID-19 than others. With his health at risk, Jeopardy! won't be able to restart production until it's absolutely guaranteed that Trebek can be safe. And without Alex Trebek, there's no Jeopardy!.

Trebek has confirmed that he's not going anywhere, despite the cancer diagnosis, and plans to continue hosting Jeopardy! in the future. So when the show finally returns with new episodes, it will be Trebek giving the answers.