Katy Perry Falls in Chair While Cosplaying as The Little Mermaid on American Idol

Katy Perry fell out of her chair while cosplaying as The Little Mermaid during a recent episode of American Idol. Perry has become somewhat iconic for her cosplay outfits (in general), which always get a special showcase during one of Idol's themed nights. Disney Night on American Idol is definitely the biggest themed event (American Idol airs on ABC so you need that brand synergy!) and Perry went all out with an Ariel costume that wasn't quite fit for the physics of sitting in a judge's chair. Perry ended up tumbling backward onto the floor! 

...But not to worry! Katy Perry's American Idol co-judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie – as well as host Ryan Seacrest – all came dashing in to help the singer to her... feet? Fin? The cast and crew of American Idol had fair warning that the outfit may be tricky to manage: Perry had to be wheeled onto set with a hand cart dolly, as the costume (with its full-fledged mermaid tail bottom) was not feasible for walking. Bryan and Richie had first helped maneuver Perry into her seat before the inevitable spill happened anyway. '

"This tail is a little bit heavy, and I have had to use the restroom for a while," Perry jokingly told ET, "But I might opt for the wetsuit approach."

After the show, Katy Perry revealed the further hazards of her Little Mermaid costume by posting a photo and video gallery on Instagram – part of which reveals how it took an entire team and some applied physics just to get her into the leg/fin section of the suit. It takes the whole 'beauty is pain' concept to new levels. 

As stated, Katy Perry has become an icon in her own right simply for these intricate Disney cosplay outfits she brings to American Idol. Perry has previously done Tinkerbell and Ursula from Little Mermaid – she also sparked some divisive reactions for also cosplaying Dumbo, which has become one of Disney's more controversial films in modern times. 


However, for all the pain and sacrifice of dressing up like the Little Mermaid, Perry had one unshakeable goal in mind: impress her one-year-old daugther Daisy (with actor Orlando Bloom): 

"She has no idea I'm in this, and she just started watching The Little Mermaid," Perry said. "I have started her on the Disney classics, like even the old, old stuff, like Snow White, and then The Little Mermaid, and she really likes them. We've watched all of those."