Kevin Smith Lands Big TV Series Involving "Nostalgic IP"

Before long, Kevin Smith will apparently be showrunning a new television series that many pop [...]

Before long, Kevin Smith will apparently be showrunning a new television series that many pop culture fans will be excited about. According to Smith on his latest episode of Fatman Beyond, he and his cohost Marc Bernardin have been hired to write a new television show involving "nostalgic" intellectual property, although any details beyond that weren't shared by the two writers.

"Why don't we have a f***ing show?" Smith hypothetically asked before revealing the news. "We got a show!"

That's when it was revealed Smith would be leading the way in a writer's room and asked Bernardin (Castle Rock) to join his writer's room, another aspect of the writing process entirely new to the independent filmmaker.

"I've never been a guy to work a writer's room and not because I'm against it, but indie is alone," Smith said. "One time on Clerks: The Cartoon we had a writer's room and that was so f***ed up. It was weird to have know you'd pitch an idea and they'd say 'Oh, I don't know' and I'm like 'I f***ing invented Clerks!'"

Throughout the rest of the introduction, Smith and Bernardin were sure to point out the property isn't a Marvel property, but did admit it's certainly a well-known property that'd have viewers feeling nostalgic. The two also did reveal, against better judgement, that Supergirl writer Eric Carrasco had also joined the writer's room. In addition to his time on The CW show, Carrasco has an extensive resume when it comes to working in animated superhero properties, including Justice League vs the Fatal Five and Legend Quest.

Again, no plot details were released, though Smith did end up hinting that an announcement as to what the show will be could come as early as San Diego Comic-Con.

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is slated for release later this year. Stay tuned to for the latest updates on the new show from Smith and Bernardin!