Koz Podcast Clip Throws You Into the Twisted World of the New Audible Original (Exclusive)

Audible is continuing to invest in boundary-pushing storylines that encourage audiences to immerse themselves in narratives in entirely new ways, with their all-new Audible Original series Koz throwing listeners into the rough-and-tumble world of outlaw bikers. Based on real-life events, the series stars Taylor Kitsch, Kate Mara, Xander Berkeley, and Chris Diamantopoulos, telling the story of Special Agent Darrin Kozlowski as he infiltrates some of the most notorious biker gangs in history. The ambitious project not only features dramatized events of his exploits, but also actual interviews featuring the special agent. You can check out an exclusive clip from Koz above, with the Audible Original now streaming.

The Audible Original is described, "Koz is a scripted podcast that tells the unbelievable true story of Special Agent Darrin Kozlowski (Taylor Kitsch), who spent two decades climbing the ranks of the most ruthless biker gangs in America, all while working undercover for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The series uses a unique mix of interviews with the real-life Darrin 'Koz' Kozlowski and dramatized reenactments featuring a full cast which includes Kitsch, Kate Mara, and Chris Diamantopoulos."

This marks the third collaboration between Audible and At Will Media, having previously developed the Audible Originals Sorry Charlie Miller and Breakthrough.

Two additional projects are in development at Audible, Untitled News Trivia Show, a fun dive into the week's news that invites listeners to test their wits against journalists and comedians who are muddling through -- just like the rest of us -- the onslaught of information and screaming headlines, and Possession, a scripted thriller about a young couple, forced out of their home by a stranger claiming it as his own, who struggle against arcane, Kafkaesque adverse possession charges in a desperate bid to take back their property. Equal parts ghost-story and home-invasion thriller, Possession is a nine-part mystery, written by Matthew Derby (Phreaks) and Brianna Holt, that explores the intersection of class, race, and a housing crisis ready to explode.

Will Malnati, Founder & CEO, shared of the collaborations, "We are so excited to link arms with Audible on this exciting new collaboration. Their successful track record of creating ambitious content of the highest quality and their commitment to giving creators the ability to create couldn't be more aligned with our philosophy at At Will Media."

"At Audible we strive to create genre and format bending content; breaking the existing templates to develop truly creative projects that tell stories in new and often experimental ways. We are excited to have joined forces with At Will Media to bring such a varied slate of new projects to our listeners," Pat Shah, Head of Content Acquisition & Development, Audible, added. "Their creativity knows no bounds and we are excited to bring such imaginative and unique audio storytelling to our listeners. From a never-been-done-before singing competition show to a unique drama series that innovatively mixes actors' portrayals with real interviews; from comedy to drama and thriller to competition, listeners will be delighted by everything we have to come."

Koz is available now.